Home Inspections - Are they Really Necessary?

Dated: 09/20/2019

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If you're buying a home you know the countless hours and energy you invest in finding just the right one. You may have searched for months, touring dozens of homes on the market. You may have jumped through enormous hurdles to get your financing in place with the best possible terms. No doubt, the investment of time and effort you made to get to the closing table is immense to say the least.

Given that investment and the cost of that home over the long haul, you want to make sure there are no surprises. What if you closed on that dream home only to discover the foundation was faulty or there was a hidden plumbing leak that had created significant damage to the structure over the course of several months or years? Each of these scenarios could run into the thousands in terms of repairs.

A good professional home inspector makes sure everything in the house is functioning properly and identifies any needed repairs. While the cost of the inspection falls upon the buyer and it may be tempting to forgo the expense, it's often money well spent. At the very least an inspector gives you the peace of mind that there's nothing major to worry about, or in the worst case, draws your attention to a major problem that ends up saving you a ton of money and headaches up front.

You may wonder what kinds of things home inspectors may have found in the course of carrying out their services for home buyers. Here are just a few examples of real life situations.

One recent case in point was the discovery of a crushed sewer pipe beneath a newly finished room addition. The contractor had crushed the pipe during construction. As a result the home's sewer system was dumping all waste into the dirt beneath the addition. The repair bill to correct that situation was $8,763.00. The inspector identified that issue during the inspection phase before it got to closing and enabled the buyer to put the responsibility of the repair back onto the seller.

Another scenario that occurred recently was the discovery of floor rot beneath the newly installed laminate flooring. Turns out the floor in that particular area of the home was part of the original structure where a very low crawl space existed. That area hadn't had proper ventilation for many years which led to an extreme damp condition, causing the original wood floor to rot from the underside. The rot had weakened the floor beyond safe conditions and would have collapsed at some point in the future. The repairs for that issue totaled $3,772.00. Again, the buyer was able to have it remedied before they closed on the home.

There are many, many other real life scenarios inspectors have found for home buyers. The bottom line is that it pays to have a home inspection performed before purchasing. In the end you'll enjoy the home much more knowing all is well with it and rest easy at night knowing a large repair bill isn't looming somewhere on the horizon in the not too distant future.

Feel free to contact us if you'd like a a short list of reputable home inspectors. We'd be happy to help!

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